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Page maintained by Capt. Joe Ely Carrales, Webmaster-Group III/Texas Wing, Copyright(c) Corpus Christi Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.

Corpus Christi Composite Squadron
Senior Member Orientation/ Training Guide

            Dear Senior Member,

               Welcome to the Civil Air Patrol.  We hope you enjoy your service 
            with us here in the Corpus Christi Composite Squadron and that your 
            first days with us are as easy as possible.

               In compliance with  requests for a  smoother initation of new CAP 
            senior members,  this web page has been  commissioned to provide new
            CAP members with  the information  they need  to fix into the Corpus
            Christi Composite Squadron and the Civil Air Patrol.  Be sure to keep
            up with your training and seek out advice from more seasoned CAP mem-
            bers.  This way you can gain a more rewarding term of service.

               Questions, comments or addition/correction requests en re this web 
            page can be made anytime with a detailed e-mail note to :


                                            Keep 'em Flying,

                                                 Capt Joe Ely Carrales, CAP
                                                 PAO/Corpus Christi Comp Squadron
                                                 Civil Air Patrol

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