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Corpus Christi Composite Squadron
Senior Member Orientation/ Training Guide

Level I/ Orientation: Level I training gives the new senior members information required for active CAP membership. This consists of the CAP Orientation Course and the Cadet Protection Program (CPPT).

Senior members till receive pamphlets and manuals from the CAP bookstore that give general information on the nature of CAP; these are to be studied to pass the Level I Orientation Course. (CAPR 50-17, p. 3 paraphrase)

Orientation: This course is based on video tape and instructor presentations. Regulations require a four(4) hour run time with supplementary material on the activities of the local unit.(CAPR 50-7, 3-3 paraphrase)

Cadet Protection: This is intended to increase the senior member's awareness of child abuse. Members will not work with cadets or recieve promotions without this training.(CAPR 50-17, 3-4,5 paraphrase)

End of course quiz: A 50 question quiz end the Level I training. Not a "pass/fail" quiz, but must be corrected to 100% to clear up any misunderstandings.(CAPR 50-17, 3-6 paraphrase)

Awards/Promotions: Completion of Level I training makes a new member eligible for:

(1)Membership Award Ribbon- the unit must complete CAP FORM 2a Request for Approval of Personnel Actions including Block VII, the name of the award and date of Level I training.

(2)Senior Programs Officer signs as the form

(3)The unit commander approves the forms with a signature (CAPR 50-7, 3-7 paraphrase)

Completion of Level I and six(6) months time-in-grade satisfies the training requirements for promotion to second lieutenant.CAP FORM 2 Request for Promotion Action must go through channels. (CAPR 35-5, Sec. 8 paraphrase)

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