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Corpus Christi Composite Squadron
Senior Member Orientation/ Training Guide
LEVEL II/Technical Training

Level II/ Technical Training: At this point a member obtains a technical skill and begins receiving basic training in leadership and management topics. Members select a specialty track based on:

(1) Member's current duty assignment
(2) Unit manning requirements
(3) Individual capablities, interests and achievements
(CAPR 50-17, 1-2; CAPR 50-17, 4-2 paraphrase)

Requirements for Technical Training and Level II

* (1) Completion of Level I training
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* (2) Attainment of a technician rating in a CAP Specialty Track. (CAP FORM 2a Request for Approval of Personnel Actions must be filled out at that point. See applying CAP pamphlet/study guide for technician criteria.
* (3) Completion of CAP Senior Officer Course (ECI 00013 correspondence course-Professional Military Education (PME) School may fill this requirement if previously attained)(CAPR 50-17, 4-5 paraphrase)
* (4) Completion of CAP Squadron Leadership School (SLS). This is designed to enhance a Senior Member's performance at the squadron level and increase the basic function level of squadron operations. (CAPR 50-17, 4-1 paraphrase)

Awards/Promotions: Completion of Technical Training and Level II training makes a new member eligible for:

1) Leadership Award Ribbon- This award is awarded for successful completion of the technician level of a CAP specialty track.

(note: CAP authorizes the bronze star attachment to the ribbon for senior rating and the silver star attachment for master rating.)

a) Request the wear of the ribbon in question with (CAP FORM 2a Request for Approval of Personnel Actions
b) Include Block VII; the name of the award, date unit commander approves technician rating and Specialty Track Number.(CAPR 50-17, 4-3 paraphrase)

(note: Completion of technician's rating on any specialty track and 12 months time-in-grade as second lieutenant or TFO satisfies the training requirement for promotion to first lieutenant.)

2) Certificate of Proficiency- Unpon completion of all Level II training requirements, the unit's senior program officer records the data on the senior member's CAPF 45bpink.

a) The unit commander signs that form, retains a copy and forwards the original to HQ CAP/ETS

(note: Completion of Level II and 18 months time-in-grade as first lieutenant or SFO satisfies the training requirement for promotion to captain.)(CAPR 35-5, 4-3 paraphrase)

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