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Chapter 12: Better Days(April-July 2000)


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A Turn for the Better

Summer 2000, Civil Air Patrol and Engagement
(April-July 2000)

April 2000 marked yet another change in my life. Tragic losses always pass as life begins to heal, stronger and more able to handle the stresses of life. Norma and I went to Lake Jackson to visit with her sister Tommie Ann Deleon, her husband Steven, their son Stevie and newborn daughter Emily. We had a great time, went to the mall and went to church. Lake Jackson is up near Houston where things are very different from South Texas. I didn't see a single Mesquite tree while I was there. Now, you must understand that Mesquite is a very popular tree in South Texas. It is favored because it is one of the few trees that has roots that run deep to find underground water. The trees in Lake Jackson are big and beautiful and everything is green. This was our first long distance trip together, we vowed to go back again.

I was promoted to the Rank of First Lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol in May 2000

My Civil Air Patrol career also began to prosper in these days. Our Group Newsletter was overflowing with news and articles by members of our Group. I was promoted to 1Lt and became eligible for the Leadership Ribbon. Corpus Christi was thrown out of their regular meeting place and we began to search for a new one. Also, Lt. Col. Mucio Garza began to assign his Group Staff officers.

Back at Memorial Middle School, the last week of school proved to be both good and bad. I enjoyed the company of the students as the school year ended. We took our team, Team D, to Super Splash Adventure in Edinburg, Texas. The Kids had a wonderful time and I am glad that we got to share those moments together. Mrs. Cynthia Santana, Mr. Gustavo Garza, Mrs. Sophie Pena, Mrs. Mari Garcia and Mr. Danny Vidal bonded on this trip. I only hoped that the next year would be just as good. We said good bye to Mr. Leo Ramos, our longtime Memorial Middle School Principal, over a stupid petition that had been circulated among the teachers. Never again will I ever participate in any such political action. That type of matter just does not fit in our education system, especially when it sours success and effects good people's lives. Mr. Ramos will no doubt go on to run Harvey Elementary School to levels of greatness. That could have been Memorial, to say that we can't advance. What could have been exists only in the mind of great thinkers, but never really exists.

My first full year of teaching was over and I had a great time. I still think about the kids and will make it a point to visit with them next year at the high school. There is a special attachment that a teacher makes with his first group of kids that make him care for them until they graduate.

Angel Resendez

My Girlfriend's little sister, Margie Angel Resendez, graduated form H.M. King High School that May. We threw a big party for her at the Kingsville Woman's Club. This was my chance to meet more of Norma's family. I also got the chance to play Mariachi for them as well. The night was wonderful, the food was good and the company was the best. This was the first time my parents were fully exposed to Norma's family. My Mom and Pop had meet Norma's mother one time at Wal*Mart, but only briefly. This was the first time the families began to bond.

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