"Carrales Studios Productions: Projects for 2001"

Yes, these are the projects in the works for "El Mariachi Loco", Joe Ely Carrales, III.

BIG WEDDING PROJECT: As many of you may, or may not, know I am getting married on 14 July 2001 to Norma Mata of Kingsville, Texas. This continues to be my biggest project. In the coming months expect this section to grow and branch off into its own page. Hope you like our official photograph. Return weekly for updates!

Our official Wedding Photo!

Canciones de Ely Carrales: Carrales Studios Productions is currently producing a C-D of the collected works of Ely Carrales. Although prototypes of the album are made, mass production will not begin until new equipment can be purchased. Please stand-by!

Contract work for Mariachi Cascabel: New Mariachi Cascabel website. Mariachi Cascabel is poised for another decade of wonderful music and showmanship. This is a constantly upgraded page, expect to have basics in place by July 2001. In addition, new posters will be produced by this company for Mariachi Cascabel as of June 2001

Viva El Cascabel
Visit the New Cascabel Page
Civil Air Patrol: Expecting release of the Spring issues of the Group Newsletter. This year has been very rough, school-wise, and has delayed the issues and forced me to go to seasonal publication. I have set the personal goal of making Captain by 2002. Scanner course completed June 2001.

Through the Clouds, over South Texas

Memorial Middle School: Blew the T.A.A.S. Social Studies out of the water with an 82% passing percentile!

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