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Joe Ely "El Mariachi Loco" Carrales Photos

Welcome to the photo album of "El Mariachi Loco!"

Music is more than a hobby in South Texas, its a way of life. It's a passion, a way to bring joy to the peoples of the Wild Horse Desert. In this album, I've assembled some photos of me, Joe Ely "El Mariachi Loco" in action.

Mariachi music is a common thread that links the people of South Texas to the rest of the Spanish Boorderlands. It also unites the feelings of joy and happiness that help us all to "make it through our days." It is that joy (in a fiesta, wedding or concert) that we live for!

"El Mariachi Loco" is a theme that expresses that persona, I have become that symbol, a little "crazy" in a world that grew-up too fast. Que viva el Mariachi!
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